Portfolio: Front Garden – Low Maintenance

Low easy maintenance, Sandstone paving, shrubs, bark, cotswold gravel, prunus rotundifolia hedge

A new front garden with low maintenance.

  • Front of house with grass and sloping lawn


  • Front Lawn before work

  • Reusing the walling

  • Digger work

The brief

To design a new front garden that is low maintenance. This new Cotswold house had a wall in the front garden that was lovely but cutting out access to much of the owners plot.  The owner also wanted to stop having to mow his large areas of grass.  

Design Solution

This site had a number of challenging planning restrictions so we were very sympathetic to the site landscaping plan requirements. The solution was to keep most of the existing front wall. To remove a couple of sections and build a new pillar to create the end. Where the wall had been we installed a new grey sandstone patio.  One side of the wall we put in steps with raised beds using the wall materials we had taken down.  The other side of the wall we put in a curved cotswold path in gravel.  We planted a new prunus rotundifolia hedge on the boundary to create privacy.

We chose careful soft planting for this north facing plot. It is a mixture of shrubs with all round colour set in bark for easy maintenance.  We planted three trees a Prunus Avium (Bird Cherry), Sorbus Aria, and Amelanchier Lamarkii.  The client wanted fruit so we mixed in a trained Morello cherry tree, black and red currants, rhubarb, a loganberry, and a dwarf pear tree and  apple tree. Other shrubs were Magnolia Susan, Pittosporum, Hydrangea petiolaris, Nandina domestics, Eleagnus Ebbingei, and Sarcocca ruscifolia to name a few.

The Details

Survey, Design & Planting Plan £2000 Soft Landscaping £3000
Hard Landscaping £20,000Finished Garden £25,000

The Costs

Survey, Design & Planting Plan £2000 Soft Landscaping £3000
Hard Landscaping £20,000Finished Garden £25,000