Portfolio: Large Country House

New terracing for a rear garden in an unusual plot.

The client wanted some fresh ideas on how to terrace their rear garden to this beautiful Regency historic Villa in Devizes which had far reaching views of the countryside.

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The brief

To create a new garden terrace outside the family room on the east side of the house, so that they can use it to entertain during summer evenings.   The garden will enhance the existing views across the estate to the countryside beyond over a disused railway embankment.  The garden will be in keeping with the local architectural style of the property but also hide a family room which is a modern addition.  The design to incorporate the sloping land towards the lower lawn.


Design Solution

After a very detailed survey we proposed a new terrace which is supported by retaining walls made of York and Bath Stone. The walls had iron railings to match the existing original Regency Ballustrades. The terraces were subdivided into upper terrace, mid terrace and lower terrace. There would be a new rose garden, parterre, a lime walk and a rhododendron walk below the terrace.  The garden would include a new Rose Arbor.

The Details

SizeHouse sits in a plot of 9 acres. Rear Terrace area is 23 m North to South, 37 m East to West
AspectSouth Facing Terrace, sloping down to East side.
Soil7 PH Neutral Dark and Loamy certain areas are acid hence ability to grow Rhododendrons
Project commencedProject only reached Estimation stage as clients decided for personal reasons not to proceed
Project completedOther projects have been carried out for the client namely, re-landscaping their front Garden with Yew Cubes, specifying and supplying new orchard in walled garden.
ContractorDesign, Planting Plan and Supply of Plants Sweet P Garden Design

The Costs

Design feeEstimated £10,250 for Consultation visits, Detailed Design (Hand rendered), axonometric, elevation drawing, construction plans and full specification, lighting, drainage, setting out plans, planting plans and specification.
Build costEstimated £117,000