Portfolio: Water Garden

Water Garden for a seating area

Many people aspire to have water in their garden.

The brief

To create a water garden in a very dull corner that is used for sitting out. It needed to be bold enough to be noticed and functional.  

Design Solution

The site was flanked on one side by a nice yew hedge and  at the back was a fence. Furthermore it was  overshadowed by an overly tall overgrown Christmas tree.  We created the design to be geometric to fit with the plot and decided as it was shady to plant it either side with shade tolerant plants to give a minimalist boxy scheme.  So shrubs were chose that would suit the shady site but also provide all round evergreen colour.   A deep pit was dug and lined with liner and then a wall was built around it in breeze blocks.  We put in stepping stones also made from breeze blocks with paving slabs on the top.  The breeze blocks were painted with a special acquatic black paint providing a mirror like water.  On the final  stepping stone we put in a stainless steel obelisk.  

The Details

SizeBack Garden 12m x 10m
AspectBack Garden faces SW
Soil7.5 PH
Project commenced2008 Original build of pond under Spruce Tree
Project completed2014 Removal of Spruce Tree replaced by Gabriel Ash Greenhouse
ContractorSweet P garden design, survey, clearance, design, build and plant. Complete job.

The Costs

Design feeSurvey, Design, Build of water feature £5000
Planting Costs Supply and plant £2000